2016 Winter Event Coming

October 5, 2015

It's that time of year again. The leaves are falling, air getting colder. That means only 1 thing. The time for video games and good times is fast approaching. With that we'd like to annouce our 2016 winter event primed for January 8th, 9th, 10th.  Here we wanted to outline how things are gonna shake out in the coming weeks.

Starting October 12th, we are going to open up large group registration for 2 weeks. This means you and your group of 5 or more, will be able to purchase normal BYOC tickets and we will fit you into seats near each other. If you fail to complete purchase at the end of 2 weeks then you are on your own. The rest of the BYOC and all VIP tickets will be available November 1st. VIP Tickets will be limit 2 per person, so if you and a bunch of buddies want to sit VIP near each other, better make it quick. We HOPE to have seat selection open immediately following large group registration.

Feedback from last event

Wow, we got a ton of awesome feedback. Aside from a few trolls (and 1 person not being able to read that 5 is the best) we got overwhelmingly positive feedback along with good, constructive criticism. To that end, I'd like to touch on a few points that came up in many people's survey.

On food

We have heard you loud and clear! Many people wanted healthier options besides the fried food. We think we've got a solution that will help (more on that later while we iron out details). We will also offer cheese-only slices of pizza for our meal.

On Tournaments/Competitiveness 

Many people suggested offering other incentives and prizes for the tournaments or to make them more competitive. While we totally understand your points, this is not supposed to be a super serious part of our event. The trophies are for fun, so is the entire event. With strict competition comes strict rules and enforcement and honestly, as a group that's a path we've been down and simply don't feel is right for us. 

On Games/Openplay

This is always tough for us. We do our best to get people in games. Chances are much more was going on without you knowing. We are continuing on looking into this, finding better ways to organize open play that people actually want to play. We also want to provide YOU with the tools at the event to make this happen.

On the AC

We have some ideas to help balance this. There's only so much we can do with that at the building but we have some ideas that may make your experience more enjoyable.

On Minigames

Yes, I know, the keyboard competition this year sucked. Yes, I know, the chair race always has a twist. Honestly, a lot of this gets thought of on the spot. We do some planning ahead of time, but it's tough to anticipate how this is gonna go. We'd love to have all the time in to do some test runs, tweak the rules, etc. But during setup innevitable something catastrophic happens. It's really difficult finding something that is fun, quick, and gets a lot of people involved. We have some ideas, and some great input from you, so expect that to improve this event.


There was more than a few people that expressed their gratitude and encouragement for the event and the staff. It was really pleasant to hear. This is something we do for fun, spending many hours brainstorming, planning, and getting ready twice a year. We really appreciate all the kind words. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we're doing, and we'll see you in the winter!

2015.07.08 Event starts Friday!
2015.06.02 Seat Selection Opens Friday
2015.05.11 Registration for summer 2015
2014.11.17 Winter Campaign Underway

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