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2016 Summer Rules, Info, and More

July 6, 2016

Our summer schedule is up finally. You can see that on the lanfest site here.

M​issed out on a ticket?

We will be contacting people that have signed up on our wait list tomorrow, Thursday July 7th. We have to check to see the power and space availability. We will contact you either way to see if that's something we can facilitate. Expect a phone call or e-mail sometime in the afternoon, hopefully by no later than 3pm.

First time at MLP?

No problem! Here are some pointers and rules to help make your first visit to us be enjoyable.

  • Please bring your waiver with you signed and ready to help get you in faster. The waiver was attached to your receipt e-mail. If you don't have the e-mail or can't find it, we will have extras at the door.
  • People under 18 years of age must have a waiver provided by a parent or guardian (page 2 of the waiver in the e-mail)
  • Sleeping is allowed in the building. We have a designated sleep space, so feel free to bring a sleeping bag, air mattress, pillows, or whatever else you need to sleep. Space is provided on a first-come first-serve basis. 
  • Update your games before you get there! We have internet but it's shared with 200+ other people.
  • We have a kitchen you can order from! Prices are reasonable. However, feel free to bring your own snacks, food, and drinks.
  • No space heaters, fridges, or other high-usage appliances.
  • We will have an ethernet cord and power strips for you to use. 
  • Things to bring with you:
    • Headphones please, no speakers.
    • Power cables
    • Video cables
    • Game controller
    • A chair! We have some if you don't but they are not very good. If you can bring your own it's highly recommended.
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