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2017 Info and Registration Schedule

November 7, 2016

This is going to be a long post, so let's get right into it.

Registration schedule

These dates are subject to change, keep checking this post for the latest

  • 11/7/16 - large group registration opens - link is here
  • 11/25/16 - large group registration ends
  • 11/28/16 @ 9pm - VIP and normal BYOC registration begins and kickoff party on discord @ http://massivelan.com/discord

possible tournament changes

One of our biggest requests was for us to do more with open play for people NOT in tournaments. The biggest challenge for us here is that the tournaments demand a LOT of time from us, and from you, and it's tough for us to focus on so many things happening at once. One idea we had was to let YOU handle scheduling your tournament rounds. We would provide you the means to set up your team, and let you know what teams you would be playing. Then, using a 3rd party tool allow you to coordinate when you play the teams you were assigned and report the results. This would let you play whenever was convenient for you and your opponent. This tool is called "Toornament" and can be seen here. They provide an app for IOS and Android devices, and we will do our best to integrate it directly onto our existing intranet event site to make it work for everyone. We're still working out the kinks and how to make it fair. If you have any feedback or ideas for us, let us know in this pre-event survey.

This would be for the longer tournaments like CS:Go or League of Legends and not for super quick tournaments like Rocket League

changes to food

Due to policy changes the fairgrounds we will no longer be able to provide our standard "fried food kitchen." We will still be able to provide alternative items and would appreciate your feedback in some questions we have provided here in this pre-event survey.

open meeting

For those that don't know, we hold meetings where we discuss our plans for the next event. These meetings happen every 2 weeks or so. We've decided we will open up our next meeting so that if you are interested in being a helper, have any questions or feedback you'd like addressed in real time, or just want to hang out and see how these meetings work, you have the opportunity. We might also have a surprise or two for the people that attend. Please be on discord @ 9:30pm on Sunday, November 20th @ http://massivelan.com/discord

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