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October 23, 2019

Ticket Update

Tickets will be going on sale October 28th at 9pm EST, with a couple notable changes. Ticket Link

Firstly, we will have 50 1/2 table seats that you can pre-purchase a chair rental with us. With the feedback we got from the last event we thought this would help people better prepare for their visit with us. The cost of these tickets are $65 ($50 standard price + $15 rental fee). That only leaves us with a few extra for the door if they all sell out, so best to get on that if you want to ensure you get one. We are limiting this ticket sale to 2 per person so plan accordingly.

Spectator fee is moving to $15 for the weekend. We realize a lot of people don't come for the games, but rather to hang out and just be a part of something great. We are increasing this fee because frankly, our expenses are going up and we realize that more than $50 might be difficult for many people. $5 for the weekend was a steal, and $15 is still really good value. You get access to the game room, console area, projector area, and arcade stuff. You are elligible to compete in any of the minigames and non-PC tournaments with this ticket. However, it does not give you access to our raffle at the end of the event. This will hopefully allow us some more flexibility without increasing general admission prices.

This is the last event for the 1/3 table seat, and this is for a few reasons. The first is logistically speaking, it's extremely difficult for us to manage the event with so many variables. The seating chart takes hours to formulate and innevitably gets changed and that requires a large amount of curation as is. Next, cable management and setup is starting to become troublesome. As we move forward and increase attendance we feel this will get out of control and will be more problematic. Lastly, not many people are buying them. We understand that a few of you rely on that cheaper price point, and we will continue to look for ways to help provide options for everyone that best suits everyone's needs. We are letting you know this now in preparation for the summer. 

Guild tables will be back. If you just need an extra table for whatever, the cost remains $20. Hit us up in discord if you need one.

No full table ticket... yet. This is something we want to really think about and just aren't prepared to do yet.


Our games list is up, check that out here!

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