2024 Winter Schedule and Changes

September 25, 2023

It's that time of year again. Leaves changing colors, a crisp bite in the air. Everyone's favorite time of year, football seas~ oh wait I mean MASSIVELAN COMING BACK. OOOOOOH baby do we have a ton of neat stuff we have planned for this year.

First the boring stuff. After some feedback and internal discussions we will be implementing the following rule changes/restrictions moving forward:

  • There will be a taped off safety walkway between all rows that all participants must keep clear and open in the event of an emergency. This area is to be kept clear of any and all obstructions
  • Sleeping mats, cots, and air mattresses (and other inflatables) will still be allowed at tables, provided they do not encroach the above mentioned taped off safety walkway
  • Any popup privacy/tents/canopies/etc are only permitted in designated sleeping area, and are no longer permitted in the table seating area

This is really a safety issue, and we want to makes sure we are compliant with everyone's rules and regulations.


Alpha Access is BACK

We considered this to be a huge success, and we're bringing it back. We thought about changing the name, but we like this at least for now. For those that don't know this ticket gives you an extra night of gaming with entry to the event starting at 8pm January 11th (Thursday evening). Tickets will be limited to 75 total seats, Limit 1 per person (for at least 24 hours after tickets open). Speaking off...

Tickets go on sale October 1st

We will be having a 30 minute Q&A in our discord starting at 8:00pm October 1st, then going live with ticket sales at 8:30pm. If you want a full table AND alpha access please purchase 1 Alpha Access ticket and 1 regular BYOC ticket. BYOC ticket prices increase to $60 starting November 1st.

Board game room enhancements

For the first time ever, we're going to have a dedicated board game room schedule for (hopefully) the entire weekend. If that's your thing or you have a friend who you know would dig this let them know. We'll have a weekend packed full of scheduled board game room events.

As always feel free to ask questions in our discord

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2024 Summer is coming

June 28th! More soon!

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